Current Campaigns

Most Wanted Items: Eye Drops, Lip Balm, Bug Spray/Wipes (non-aerosol), Cortisone Cream (anti itch cream), Lip Balm, Medicated powder (for heat rash), Misting Fans, Sticky Fly Paper, Fly Swatters …  See More

Everyone loves chocolate… Now is the time to send anything chocolate before the desert heat sets in …chocolate chip cookies, chocolate candy bars, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered pretzels, ANYTHING CHOCOLATY!!! Use your imagination!

Sending a clean pair of new socks, foot powder, anti-fungal cream, cooling cream, nail clippers, and/or athlete’s foot lotion or cream will go a long way!


Deployed Troops love their AdoptaPlatoon blankets

Deployed Troops love their AdoptaPlatoon blankets:  Army SSG Foster says, “The Soldiers love them… Blankets, socks, coffee and snacks are the best especially on these cold days. Here are a few pictures of my guys… We are currently in the field and I brought them a few care package boxes… The expression on their faces were priceless…. A little bit of American happiness way over here. Thank you AdoptaPlatoon!”


Letter of gratitude from the Troops:

We received your box today! Thank you for the Halloween care baggies, and thank you for taking the time to make them. We all appreciate your support and are truly humbled that you would do that for us. In hind sight, we should have included the “” logo or box but we got a little…