Deployed Troops love their AdoptaPlatoon blankets

Deployed Troops love their AdoptaPlatoon blankets:  Army SSG Foster says, “The Soldiers love them… Blankets, socks, coffee and snacks are the best especially on these cold days. Here are a few pictures of my guys… We are currently in the field and I brought them a few care package boxes… The expression on their faces were priceless…. A little bit of American happiness way over here. Thank you AdoptaPlatoon!”


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I want to thank the entire staff at Adopt a Platoon. I want you guys to know how much receiving blankets and care packages have meant to myself and my fellow soldiers. Mail call is such a morale booster. Knowing that the sacrifice we as soldiers make is recognized by a grateful nation is one…


Thank You

I would like to say thank you from me and my Soldiers for the Packages. They are excited to see the packages and the support. We are stationed in HOA where supplies and mail is hard to come by. Thank you again and let the team know we appreciate everything they do for us. Without…


Brenda Hagg 22KILL Pushup Challenge

Brenda Hagg, widow of Veteran Chauncey Hagg, starts her 22KILL pushup challenge. On average, 22 veterans commit suicide every day. To bring awareness to this tragedy the Nation has embraced a social media campaign called #22Pushups, a challenge that honors Veterans and raises awareness about Veteran suicide prevention. Army Veteran Chauncey Hagg took his life…



AdoptaPlatoon is proud to say that we have been supporting a group of American Service Members deployed to western Africa.  These Troops continue the military tradition of humanitarian efforts for the native people.  Soldiers state that “The stuffed animals your organization was able to send have been rightfully given to deserving children here in western…


KC-135 Air Crew Saves Pilot Over ISIS Territory

Sky News (UK) | Feb 15, 2016 A quick-thinking refueling plane crew saved a fighter pilot who faced having to eject over Islamic State territory. The F-16 had been trying to refuel in mid-air when the pilot discovered a malfunction with his fuel system, which meant he could only fly for 15 minutes — nowhere near enough to…


Snack Master

“The whole Platoon consolidated all of the snacks and then one Private, our snack master, distributed them out to all the Soldiers. They particularly enjoyed the beef sticks and protein bars.”

Chauncey Hagg and mother Ida Hagg, taken on Casper Mountain, Wyoming, March 2015.

It is with great sadness that the AdoptaPlatoon family inform you of the untimely passing of Chauncey Hagg at the young age of 37. Chauncey’s service and leadership was the motivation for establishing AdoptaPlatoon in 1998. We think of Chauncey and his family fondly during this most difficult time.
Chauncey Walter David Hagg
February 18, 1978 – May 30, 2015
Memorial Service for Chauncey Hagg, 37
Saturday, June 6, 2015, Casper, Wyoming
Military Honors accorded.
Mrs. Brenda Hagg and parents Michael and Ida Hagg send our words of gratitude to the Wyoming Army National Guard, Funeral Honor Guard. The team was made up of the following:

Thank you to everyone at the AdoptaPlatoon family

 Thank you to everyone at the Adopt-a-platoon family. We got our first shipment of boxes today and it was received with overwhelming thanks. There was quite an assortment of items from coffee supplies to cookies and personal hygiene items! We want to send a huge thank you to everyone at Adopt-A-Platoon for supporting us from…


Our Troops are not forgotten

There are two things our Troops like to hear … “The mission is complete and we’re deploying home!” and “Care packages arrived from AdoptaPlatoon”. Message from the TroopsI wanted to let you know we are getting the packages and everyone says Thank You Very Much!” U.S. Army Troops, Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.

AAP Donor Dave Shiple

“We ensure that America’s Heroes on the front lines are never forgotten.  As long as the flag flies over this Nation they and their sacrifice will always be remembered because they are the reason our flag is still flying!”Dave Shiple, South Carolina, Supporting U.S. Troops and Veterans via AAP since March 2008.

Celebrating the birth of a Hero

  Robert “Swabbie Bob” Holloway, U.S. Navy WWII Veteran and AAP advisor, celebrated his 90th birthday May 31, 2014. Swabbie Bob has been a dedicated supporter of deployed U.S. Troops since 2003 with AdoptaPlatoon and it has been our deepest honor to call him our Hero. To read stories about his time on the USS Ajax during…


Thank you from my entire Platoon

   “Thank you from my entire platoon. They were very happy to get blankets.  Made me feel great to see them all smile.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support! SSG LaQuita, U.S. Army.”

Dear Adopt-a-Platoon Family…

Dear Adopt-a-Platoon Family…I cannot begin to express the gratitude that our unit has for the care packages provided by the Adopt-a-Platoon “army.” “The immediate impact that these packages have had not only on our Soldiers, but on our mission as a whole, is immeasurable.  Some of the packages are given to the Soldiers that do…


Troops say “thank you”

From all the members of 3rd PLT Alpha Co, 1/504th PIR, 82nd ABN DIV we would like to give a huge thanks to all who have supported us during our deployment. We care deeply about the support you all have been giving us. Thanks again!

AAP Annual Golf Tournament, Long Island, New York!

  Pictured from left to right is MAJ Jon Harvey, a Veteran of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom; MAJ Dan Kolenda, Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Dan, CA Technologies and their customers, partners and employees have been supporting AdoptaPlatoon’s efforts for the past 9 years through golf tournaments in places like MA,…


Photos from CAV Medic, in FOB Kunduz. Afghanistan

 Mitch Tyree, from the great State of Virginia an AAP Platoon Dad since 2007, continues to put smiles on the faces of Troops serving on behalf of a  grateful Nation. Photos from FOB Kunduz show how Mitch  and his wife Kathy never forget our men and women in uniform serving in  harm’s way.

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Current Volunteer Campaigns

So you can’t send a turkey- but you can send a DVD movie, popcorn, a bag of candy corn, and letter with the things you’re thankful for to a small platoon.

Send patriotic holiday cheer to a small U.S. platoon deployed during the holidays. Let our service members know someone back home cares.

Sew or buy holiday stockings and mail them to a small squad of Troops or embrace an entire platoon this year as they serve around the world this holiday season.