Current Campaigns

Send a SPOOKY card and one Halloween treat bag filled with Halloween candy or other hard candy to a small Platoon of deployed Troops.

Most Wanted Items: Eye Drops, Lip Balm, Bug Spray/Wipes (non-aerosol), Cortisone Cream (anti itch cream), Lip Balm, Medicated powder (for heat rash), Misting Fans, Sticky Fly Paper, Fly Swatters …  See More

Sending a clean pair of new socks, foot powder, anti-fungal cream, cooling cream, nail clippers, and/or athlete’s foot lotion or cream will go a long way!


AAP Donor Dave Shiple

“We ensure that America’s Heroes on the front lines are never forgotten.  As long as the flag flies over this Nation they and their sacrifice will always be remembered because they are the reason our flag is still flying!”Dave Shiple, South Carolina, Supporting U.S. Troops and Veterans via AAP since March 2008.

Dear Adopt-a-Platoon Family…

Dear Adopt-a-Platoon Family…I cannot begin to express the gratitude that our unit has for the care packages provided by the Adopt-a-Platoon “army.” “The immediate impact that these packages have had not only on our Soldiers, but on our mission as a whole, is immeasurable.  Some of the packages are given to the Soldiers that do…


All Volunteers

All Volunteers

Thank you to everyone for all the time and energy you give in making AAP run. We are so blessed to have such an awesome team of dedicated people.


WEBMASTER – CURT We can’t even begin to say THANKS to you for creating this beautiful website. In addition, you are always there for us with answers to our questions, and fixing things that needed fixing, and your suggestions to help us run smoother. You have helped us grow and run more efficiently. We are…