Current Campaigns

Send a SPOOKY card and one Halloween treat bag filled with Halloween candy or other hard candy to a small Platoon of deployed Troops.

Send patriotic holiday cheer to a small U.S. platoon deployed during the holidays. Let our service members know someone back home cares.

Sew or buy holiday stockings and mail them to a small squad of Troops or embrace an entire platoon this year as they serve around the world this holiday season.



The Bravo Bandits would like to show our gratitude and say thank you for all of the support that the AdoptaPlatoon organization has shown to our humble family in Afghanistan.  Not only do we have the warm feeling from the blankets provided, but also from the mere fact that we have supporters, consisting of great…


AAP’s Blanket Campaign

Many grateful words of “thanks” are sent to everyone who donated to make AAP’s Blanket Campaign possible. Your big hearts and red, white and blue spirits have sent a lot of warm smiles to our Troops serving in Afghanistan.

Walking Wounded Program

Please extend a helping hand to AAP’s Walking Wounded Program. AdoptaPlatoon assists our U.S. Troops who have been injured or wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan. Our Nation’s injured and wounded Troops need extra help for themselves and/or their families financially paying utility bills, rent, car repair costs, or helping with school clothes and school supplies for…



Holidays can be very difficult for our deployed Troops! Let’s bring a little home to them by either sewing or buying Christmas stockings and mailing them to a small group or a platoon of Troops! You can fill them with surprises of holiday candy, socks, hot chocolate or hot cider packs, hand-held games, word puzzles with a holiday pen, travel-size toiletries. Use your imagination to make this a special gift. Don’t forget to add a holiday card for each stocking with your name so they know they are not forgotten! The deadline to send stockings to the Troops in time for Christmas is December 12th.  Check out the Stockings for Santa Campaign.

Treats for the Troops 2015

Remember our troops on Halloween!

Send a SPOOKY card and a box of candy to a small Platoon.For more information, contact Campaign Director ARLINE GRANT at:
Put the following information in the subject line of your e-mail:TREATS – CURRENT SUPPORTER
(for people already supporting a Soldier along with the name of your Soldier) TREATS – NEW SUPPORTER
(go to our website and fill out an application at the top of the page and put TREATS – New Supporter, in the ‘comment’s section)

in order to view and print our posters, you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader here, which is free and safe.

Download and Print the Flier