AdoptaPlatoon® (AAP) Seasonal Troop Support Campaigns for approved American supporters. If you are new to AAP, please go to the “SUPPORTER SIGN-UP” tab and submit an application for consideration. Thank you America!

Seasonal Campaigns

Send patriotic holiday cheer to a small U.S. platoon deployed during the holidays. Let our service members know someone back home cares.

Sew or buy holiday stockings and mail them to a small squad of Troops or embrace an entire platoon this year as they serve around the world this holiday season.




Operation Foot Care Patrol – Our Troops’ summer mission in high desert temperatures is extremely tough, and in winter they face cold and wet environments. Our Troops must constantly take care of their feet guarding against sores, blisters, fungus, bacteria and keeping their feet dry. To a U.S. deployed Soldier or Marine, a new pair of crew, boot or thermal socks is a blessing that goes beyond words! Socks are the one of the greatest requests we receive from our Troops!


To Afghanistan with Love – U.S. Troops serving in Afghanistan have a difficult task and need to know we support them. By participating in this campaign, support is sent to chaplains and/ or other military units who assist by distributing much needed support items to the Troops.


To Kuwait with Love – A large number of U.S. Troops are in Kuwait and many are in remote areas not getting support.  Some of our Troops in Iraq flow into and out of Iraq. We can’t let one Service Member go by without knowing we haven’t forgotten them. By participating in this campaign, support is sent to chaplains and other military units positioned in remote areas allowing AAP to serve them by distributing greatly needed items to improve their quality of life.


Contact for more information or to participate.


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