The Bravo Bandits would like to show our gratitude and say thank you for all of the support that the AdoptaPlatoon organization has shown to our humble family in Afghanistan.  Not only do we have the warm feeling from the blankets provided, but also from the mere fact that we have supporters, consisting of great…


AAP’s Blanket Campaign

Many grateful words of “thanks” are sent to everyone who donated to make AAP’s Blanket Campaign possible. Your big hearts and red, white and blue spirits have sent a lot of warm smiles to our Troops serving in Afghanistan.

F co. 2-227th AVN REGT.

From F co. 2-227th AVN REGT we wanted to send this picture to say thank you.  What you do for the Military away from their family’s is truly a gift from the heart.  Each and every Military member greatly appreciate what you do.  It really is nice when one of your little boxes from heaven…