Words from our Troops

“Words from our Troops – “We got our first set of boxes and couldn’t be more excited.  I’ve attached a picture of the platoon to show you some of our thanks for all your support.  Thank you, again, for all you do

The Soldiers of HHC 2-35 INFANTRY

We have received over a hundred boxes in the last couple of days. The highlight has been the baby wipes and blankets. You should be called Adopt a Brigade not a Platoon for all the care packages you have sent! We just can’t believe all the support you have given us. It is truly amazing! …


563rd Aviation Support Battalion

WOW!! When I signed up with your organization I didn’t know what to expect. I received your packages for my platoon today (13 BOXES IN TOTAL) and needless to say, everyone was just in awe! I think it’s so awesome that there are people willing to donate items to us just for doing our job! I…