AdoptaPlatoon Service Member Support Effort™

Applicants must be at least 18 yrs. of age to participate.

If you are a potential supporter or a new supporter, please know that protecting our Service Members’ safety is our paramount concern. If you are interested in supporting U.S. deployed Service Members, please read “Ways for Americans to Support” found under “Supporter Sign-Up” in the menu section of the website. If you wish to participate, fill out a “New Supporter Application” which is also found under the same menu tab of the website. All potential supporters are contacted personally and the information submitted verified. All information is kept strictly confidential.

If you are already an approved supporter and wish to continue supporting our Heroes and wish to reapply, please send all your information to and let us know if you want to adopt or be a pen-pal. If you do not have access to a computer and wish to apply via ground mail, write to us at the following address:

Ground Mail Address:

PO Box 234
Lozano, Texas 78568

Donations to support our Heroes:

Credit card donations can be made on the main page of the website under “Donate” in the menu section.  All donations will be acknowledged with a letter and tax I.D. number. The AdoptaPlatoon program sends on-going quality of life care packages from our Troop Support Warehouse daily. Please become a member of our Team and ensure that our U.S. Troops are never forgotten and that they have the extra support and goodies that make their deployments better and assist in raising morale. If you wish to send a donation check directly to us, use the address noted above. All donations are formally recognized and are tax deductible. We would not be able to do this work without the assistance and generosity of the American people and we and our Troops are deeply grateful.

For our Troops’ safety, please do not send products for us to send to the Troops.

If you are a deployed U.S. Service Member who is deployed or your unit is getting ready to deploy and you wish to participate in this patriotic mail support effort, please sign up using the “Military Sign Up” found in the menu section of the website or email Joyce Lisiewski at: and Ida Hagg or if you wish to contact us via ground mail, write to:


Ida Hagg

P.O. Box 234
Lozano, TX 78568

To Military Sign Up:

If you contact us via ground mail, please provide as much information as you can regarding your unit, how many Service Members require support, are there both male and female Service Members in the unit, who will be your military point of contact and an email address is possible.


AdoptaPlatoon can support deployed Service Members on an individual basis with personal mail support, an entire platoon, an entire company or an entire battalion in a group POC support measure along with the individual mail support. We will work with you to create the best mail support program to meet your deployment needs. Support programs are also available for chaplains and you can be included in the special holiday support campaigns. Email military contact: Joyce and Ida: ,

Some of our Support Team Members

Ida Hagg

Executive Director

Location: Texas

Esther Ruesch

Campaign Director

Location: Texas

Joyce Lisiewski


Location: Ohio

Norma McNeely

Information Manager

Location: Texas

To our Military Volunteer Supporters: Please contact our AAP Official Email Information Account directly at and send us your questions, concerns, requests and any updates in your contact information, requests for new assignments, or ending support to your Service Member(s).


Words from a Commander:

“We could not do what we do over here without knowing we have the support and payers of our home team. Thank you again for standing alongside us as together we preserve and advance freedom. You truly make a difference!” John Chadbourne, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Commander

AdoptaPlatoon (AAP) is a 501C-3 nonprofit charitable corporation
All participants in the AAP Troop Support Program must be approved.

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