AAP Volunteers honored with the President’s Volunteer Service Award, on behalf of the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation for their “dedication to volunteer service”. The award reads, “This award recognizes your dedication to volunteer service and signifies that you have served your community and your country with distinction. Through your volunteer efforts, you are demonstrating values that make our Nation strong and you are helping to build a culture of citizenship, service and responsibility in America.”

“Myron (Buster) Dobson, AAP volunteer was presented with the Presidential Outstanding Volunteer Award. Presenting the award to Mr. Dobson was Assistant Federal Security Director (AFSD) for the Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security, Mr. Dominic Colameta and AFSD Mr. Matt Hansen in Manchester, New Hampshire. A Vietnam Army Veteran, Buster has been a volunteer with AdoptaPlatoon since 1999 and says, “It was an honor getting the award but I feel it’s totally unnecessary. I volunteer to support our Troops because they are our Heroes and they need to know that we stand behind them.”



Buster Dobson receiving the Presidential Volunteer Service Award Pin.

Arline Grant, Campaign Director for AdoptaPlatoon was presented with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her dedication to our Nation’s deployed Troops at the Selectmen’s Meeting, May 27, Hampstead New Hampshire Town Hall. Presenting the award to Arline are LTC (retired) Howie Steadman, Patriotic Purposes and Veterans’ Affairs Committee and Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Mr. Jim Stewart. Arline served in the Air Force from 1983 to 1989 and has been a volunteer with AdoptaPlatoon since 2003.
“Arline receiving the Presidential Volunteer Service Award Pin.”
Ms. Pam Brunette honored with Presidential Outstanding Volunteer Award. Pictured (L to R) is Indiana Congressman Joe Donnelly,Pam Brunette,Pam’s dad and mom Howard and Bev Calmus, 1stSGT (Ret) Sam Alameda and South Bend Mayor Steve Luecke. Pam, Board Member and Department Head for St. Joseph County Voter Registration in South Bend, Indiana has been serving AdoptaPlatoon and deployed U.S. Troops since 2001.
(L to R) Indiana Congressman Joe Donnell, South Bend, Indiana mayor Steve Luecke pinning Ms. Brunette with the prestigious Presidential Volunteer Award Pin and Pam’s parents Howard and Bev Calmus. “It felt surreal receiving this award” said Ms. Brunette. “I consider my work with AdoptaPlatoon my labor of love and I am very proud to be part of the AAP family.”

Ohio Mom receives Presidential Outstanding Volunteer Award. Danielle Zaremba, AAP volunteer was honored with the presentation of the Presidential Outstanding Volunteer Award. Danielle has supported AAP and our Nation’s deployed Heroes since 2002.


Gigi Cochran was awarded the Presidential Outstanding Volunteer Award on June 10, 2009. Ms. Cochran has been a dedicated AdoptaPlatoon volunteer administrative Corps Group member since 2002 and has served more deployed U.S. Troops than she is able to remember. Gigi received her award from Myles Calvey, Business Manager for IBEW Local 2222 in Boston, MA.


Group photo of Gigi Cochran and co-workers. Included in the photo is Myles Calvey Business Manager IBEW Local 2222 and Verizon Manager Timothy McQuirk. “This was a humbling experience and I am so glad to have been a part of AdoptaPlatoon for the last 7 years as I serve our Nation’s Heroes.” Said Gigi.


Mitch Tyree, a member of AAP’s Corps Management Team is awarded the Presidential Volunteer Award in Newport News, Virginia on June 23, 2009. (L to R) Mitch Tyree, wife Kathy and Newport News Major Joe Frank.


Newport News Mayor Joe Frank presents Presidential Volunteer Award to Mitch Tyree. Asked why he works so hard supporting U.S. deployed Troops, Mitch said, “ I have always been an avid reader of American military history and it never ceases to amaze me how our Nation continues to produce such great men and women who serve in uniform and walk under ‘Old Glory’ with the greatest of pride. Their sacrifice, dedication, professionalism and simple selflessness leads me to their greatest attribute which is ‘Greater love hath no man than this…that a man lays down his life for his friends.’ Our Nation’s Troops are the best we have to offer and it’s not a question of if we should support them but that we must stand behind our Nation’s Troops.”

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