“Since the attacks on the United States, the support of our Soldiers has increased tremendously. What I find most commendable in your case (AdoptaPlatoon) is that the welfare of the troops has always been a concern. Through the AdoptaPlatoon program, Soldiers everywhere know that their sacrifices are appreciated, not only through the packages they receive, but also through the prayers that go with them.”

…David H. Petraeus, Brigadier General, United States Army

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If you find you can’t personally support our Troops but would like to make a tax-deductible monetary gift donation directly to AAP, we will see to it that your gift is used to support deployed Troops!  All donations are deeply appreciated and needed. AAP also supports Special Forces Troops that cannot participate in the public support measures. AAP maintains a Troop Support Warehouse that functions solely on donations and your help to keep support flowing to the Troops is greatly needed.

AAP creates and maintains special campaigns to supply a much larger degree of support to the troops.  AAP must shoulder the cost of implementing a safe mail support system and secure data storage of our databases. If AAP cannot continue this patriotic project, thousands of Troops will not receive the much needed support they deserve. AAP sends a minimum of 85% of all donated funds back to the Troops in the form of support packages and meeting specific needs. AAP also must maintain an organization non-profit corporation and we depend on your generosity to meet this need.  So your tax-deductible gift is truly a gift and very much appreciate.

Corporate / business monetary gifts are needed. Please remember AAP when you make your donations.


Please send your tax-deductible gift to:


P.O. Box 234

Lozano, TX 78568


All donations will be acknowledged with a letter and our tax I.D. number.

No matter your political opinion or whether you agree with present powers that be, NO MATTER WHAT, our TROOPS are still there! We are deeply grateful for the generosity of the American people for never forgetting our Nation’s Heroes.


AdoptaPlatoon Soldier Support Effort® Board of Directors

Ida Hägg, Director

Board Members:

Karen Ballard, Texas

Jerry Hartzog, Rio Hondo, TX

Joyce Lisiewski, Ohio

Mitch Tyree, Virginia

We thank you in advance for putting your trust in us and sending your personal information to be considered for a soldier support link! Each and every one who wishes to support the troops in a spirit of patriotism should be counted among those who protect the freedoms of our country! Please contact us at: info@adoptaplatoon.org.



Everyone is welcome to apply and be approved to adopt a U.S. deployed Service Member (individuals, families, schools, youth groups, civic organizations, religious institutions, private companies / corporations, etc.). An adoption link requires that you pledge to send a card or letter to one individual Service Member on a weekly basis and a minimum of one care package per month.  You can “adopt” more than one Service Member with a maximum of four Service Members.



Individuals over the age of 18-years-old can pen-pal with a deployed Service Member. We also welcome families, schools, youth groups, civic organizations, religious institutions, private companies / corporations, etc., as well. Youth groups/schools must have an adult sponsor to participate.

A pen-pal link requires that you pledge to send a card or letter to one individual Service Member on a weekly basis.  You can pen-pal with up to four deployed Service Members.

AAP is not a dating service and Service Member support links are made only for the consideration and benefit of our Troops. AAP does not link a single individual to a married service member.

Most of our single Service Members requesting a single pen pal link are usually young — between the ages of 18-29.  Our single Service Members enjoy receiving letters and cards from single Americans close to their age as this closeness in age might provide something in common to write about.  Families, youth groups, and schools can be assigned a single Service Member in order to send cards and letters support measures

as a family / group project.  If you are single and fall between the age of 18-29, please be sure to provide us with your age in order for us to assign you appropriately.


Common sense statement: Because AAP is managed by very talented folks with tons of common sense; we realize that there can be exceptions to our policy never to link a single supporter to a married Service Member. If you are a single mother and wish to send pen pal support as a family “motherly” type activity, please be sure to explain this situation in the comment section of the AAP application.  If you are a grandmother or single mature lady and wish to pen pal with a single Service Member, please explain in the comment section of the AAP application so we can take these situations into consideration.



Large groups such as civic organizations, schools, youth groups, religious institutions, private companies, corporations, government organizations, clubs, etc. can ADOPT AN ENTIRE PLATOON OR MILITARY COMPANY.  Most of AAP’s platoons and companies are Army and Marines.  Large groups are given contact to a platoon / company via a military point of contact (POC) to the platoon / company.

PLATOON SIZE (20).  If this size is too large, let us know how many Services Members you can comfortably provide for and we will assign you a portion of a Platoon to support.

Your support to the platoon / company will be shared among the troops in whatever amounts of support you send.  Our Service Members are a “Band of Brothers” and “Battle Buddies” and support is shared. How to manage platoon adoption support must be decided by the organization or business, but examples are as follows:

A day is designated once or twice a month whereby employees, club members, schools, youth organizations, etc., set out boxes so that individuals can bring appropriate Troop support care package items as well as cards and letters for the purpose of care package Troop Support.  A team is designated once or twice a month to package and mail all support gathered.  Some businesses pick up the cost for shipping while the employees / members of an organization supply the “goodies” and necessary care package items.  Some employees take up a fund collection to cover shipping costs.

Shipping costs are flat domestic rates. You do not pay international shipping costs in order to send our military Service Members a care package from home.  More information on shipping costs is provided below.**

Schools can work to arrange a department-wide, campus-wide or district-wide support measure in supporting a partial platoon or an entire platoon.  Students design the greeting cards and write letters (lesson plans can be incorporated) while faculty, paraprofessionals, administration and school staff members donate care package items and goodies.  Parents can also participate as well as community leaders and local businesses.  Students of all ages enjoy designing greeting cards and writing letters to the Troops.  Teachers, please incorporate this patriotic opportunity into your lesson plans.  While embracing support for our U.S. deployed Service Members, students can research military bases on the Internet, visit military museums, ask a local military Heroes to visit the school and write essays such as “What Freedoms do I Appreciate” or “What Does Being an American Mean.”



Any individual or group can support one of our holiday support measures (i.e., Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, etc.).  For more information, please click on “Campaigns” on the AAP website.  Also, our special campaigns are provided in your Soldier Delivery Letter so that more support can be sent to the Troops as you wish.  However, if you decided to send support to one of the campaigns in your SDL at a later date, be sure to check with us beforehand to make sure the address is still good.  You may also contact our Campaign Director for more information on campaigns.



Unless you are supporting the Troops within a family adoption, school, youth group or church organized support measure, minors under 18 years of age are not permitted to participate  You must be 18-years of age or older to participate.  For example, children can participate via a family supervised adoption or as a school / youth group supervised project.  For both the Adoption and Pen Pal support links, care is taken to ensure that the person requesting the support link is sincere and committed to that responsibility. It is important to understand that it is not proper for singles to use AAP as a dating service and children under the age of 18 are not applying for the program on their own.  If you are under the age of 18, please ask your parents to contact us on your behalf.




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