If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent or an adult youth leader / adult sponsor complete the application so you may participate in supporting the Troop(s). The parents / adult leaders / sponsors must participate and be responsible for the youth participation.

It is very important that you complete all sections of the application and submit all information requested. If the application is not filled out completely, you will not be considered for the volunteer Troop support program.  Once the application is fully filled out, please click the “Submit Form’ button only once.  After we receive your application, we will do everything in our power to call you and proceed with the verification process and confirmation of your information.  At that time, we can answer any questions you may have and offer suggestions and guidelines to make your Troop support a success.  As volunteers, we do our best to get through all applications as quickly as possible. Please remember that the safety of our Troops is paramount to us and helping to keep them safe comes first and that not all applicants are accepted.  Once you have been verified and approved by AAP to participate in the Volunteer Troop Support Program your information will be added to our “Supporter Database” and you do not need to resubmit another application should you wish to continue in this program or participate in any of AAP’s Troop Support Campaigns.  Also know that your email address will be added to the “AAP Full Battle Rattle Newsletter” which can be sent to you via email that introduces any new Troop support opportunities or announcing new or on-going campaigns.

GROUND MAIL APPLICATIONS ONLY: Include your name, full ground mailing address, telephone number (day and evening number), marital status, whether you wish to apply for the adoption or pen-pal program, and any further information that will help us consider you for the program. 

Attention: Ida Hagg
P.O. Box 234
Lozano, TX  78568


If your contact information changes please send updates to info@adoptaplatoon.org.


Choose the type of support you wish to give:

Pen-Pal: writing weekly cards and letters

Adopt: writing weekly cards/letters PLUS sending one care package a month

Choose how many you wish to support:

Individual: Up to 4 individual Soldiers

Small – up to 20 Service Members

Please Note: As a platoon supporter, you are requested to send all care packages to your Platoon Point of Contact (POC).  You do not have to send individual packages for each person in the platoon as they all share all the support goodies sent with much appreciation.

Choose to support a Campaign:

In the “Comments Section” of the application, let us know if you are interested in participating in one of our Campaigns. Please visit our home page and click on Campaigns to view the different programs we have to choose from.  You may choose to participate in one of our special current Campaigns or one that is on-going.

If you are having trouble submitting the application, please send all the required information to info@adoptaplatoon.org.

Upon submission of the application you will see a status message at the bottom of the page.


AdoptaPlatoon (AAP) goes above and beyond to verify information on each and every application we receive from the public for the purpose of supporting U.S. deployed Troops.  When an application for participation is submitted, we call, interview and do our best to verify all “potential supporters” who submit an application.  We do this for the protection of our deployed Heroes.  There is nothing more important to us than the mail safety of our Troops.  When submitting an application for participation, AAP cannot guarantee that everyone will receive a verification call and be accepted into the program.  AAP is managed by mothers working out of their homes and we do everything in our power to contact and approve every applicant that we can but due to Troop movements, deployment rotations, military address changes and other issues out of our control, there will be times when this program is put on temporary hold.  Problems could also occur with our website when too many people are trying to submit applications and we cannot handle the load.  It is particularly difficult during holiday seasons so please know if you want to support the Troops for any holiday, you must apply at least 30 days in advance of the holiday.  We do the best we can to call and verify and approve everyone but when you submit your application we cannot guarantee participation in the AAP volunteer Troop support program….But please know that we do our best in an effort to allow the public to let our Troops know that they are our Heroes.  Thank you… Ida Hagg, Executive Director/ AAP Management.

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