We Support All Branches of the Military.

We thank you in advance for submitting your Military application for AdoptaPlatoon support during your deployment. AdoptaPlatoon is honored to assist. Once the application is submitted, we will begin your ongoing support immediately with care packages arriving every 3 to 4 weeks. Fill out all fields in the application, leave additional information in the comment section and hit submit. It’s important that you correspond with us using your assigned military email address as this prevents fraud. Once we receive you application, you will receive a “Welcome Letter” via email to let you know your application was received. This will give you the opportunity to connect with us if needed.  

Troop information you submit is kept strictly private and never shared with anyone or other organizations.  Service Member contact information is never published on our website or other venues and we do not share your information.

NOTE:   Please fill out all information below.  Please make sure to provide your complete mailing address.  Incomplete address information will delay your support:


Your Full Mailing Address includes Rank, Name, Complete Address.  Your Rank will be omitted from mailing label.

Example: Write your address as follows:
SGT Jones, Jeff B.
82nd CAB, TF Atlas
APO / AE 12345

It is very important that you include your identification information for your Unit such as 64th Armor, 15th FA, 299th Medical Det. when submitting your mailing address.

Name/Mailing Address

Marital Status Married Single 


Gender Male Female 

Military Email

Name of Alternate Point of Contact

Military Email Address of Alternate POC

Service Branch

Military Rank

Name of Home Base

What State is your Home Base located in

Country you are Deployed to

Approximate End of Deployment/Approximate Mail Cut-off Date: Month Year

Are you requesting support just for yourself? Yes No 

If No for your Platoon or Company?

How many Males

How Many Females? (Approximate number is fine for security purposes.)

Use the comment section below to send us any further information you may wish to add:

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Please be sure to let us know if your mailing address changes or if your deployment will be ending sooner than expected.  If you are moving to a new location and need us to put your support ON HOLD until you are settled and have a new address, we can do that – just let us know by corresponding with us at the email addresses below.

Email or with any questions.

Email for website related issues.


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